Tips To Help You Deepen Your Voice Naturally

Published: 19th February 2010
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Each one of us has a different kind of voice. When I was young, about age 12, I used to sing because I felt my voice was great. But I never knew that my voice really sounded like broken glass and irritated the people who heard me singing.

Then one day, my first cousin told me how my voice sounded. I couldn't believe what she told me. Later on, I couldn't stop thinking about it, feeling ashamed and insulted because I believed I had a great voice and I knew how to manage it. I never realized that my voice wasn't that good. After we spoke, I never talked to her again because I felt so bad.

I decided to ask my mom what my voice sounded like. She said, "You have a great voice." I felt relieved but I still had doubts. Maybe she was just telling me this because she didn't want to hurt my feelings and because I was her daughter. Still, what she said made me feel relieved.

Every night I couldn't sleep, thinking about what I should do. Maybe what my cousin told me was right. Then something came to my mind. I got an empty tape and recorded my voice to hear how it sounded. The first time I heard myself, I couldn't believe it was really me on the tape. I sounded totally different! Too sharp and high-pitched and not nearly as good as I'd thought. I realized I needed to do something to make my voice deeper and more resonant.

I attended a voice lesson class for two months. In the beginning it was hard but I tried my best. I finally got some ideas about how to deepen my voice and how to sing properly. I never felt confused and worried about my voice again. Now, I'm happy and I'm proud of how my voice sounds. It's great!

For those who are worried about their voices, and having problems with how your voices sound, here are some tips I can share with you. Speak slowly. Spend more time enunciating each letter. Speak softly, but not like you're whispering. Don't talk through your nose. Exhale while you are speaking.

Hum with your head facing the floor and lift your head towards the ceiling while continuing to hum. You'll hear your pitch change as your throat relaxes. Do exercises to strengthen your neck muscles and deepen your breathing. To produce a permanent result, you have to eliminate the stress in your larynx because the muscles in your larynx (or voice box) can become tense, which will raise your pitch.

Do it daily, if possible. Don't be lazy. These are the kind of techniques you can employ to achieve the power of the commanding voice you've always wanted.

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