Natural Ways You Can Use To Deepen Your Voice

Published: 22nd February 2010
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Many people are unhappy with the sound of their voice. Every voice reflects a person's individuality and also affects how they view themselves. Your voice is a very important physical trait, especially in your personal life. Many people say that our own voice sounds different to us than it does to others, and it's true. Others hear us differently than we hear ourselves.

Most men have naturally deeper voices than the majority of woman and it isn't only men who feel that they could benefit of having a lower voice. Some women think that way too.

Your voice isn't permanently stuck being the way it is now. If you have a squeaky or high-pitched voice you can actually get it to sound deeper. Vocal chords are a muscle group and, just like any other muscle in your body, they can be developed through strengthening exercises. Vocal chords are responsible for the raw tones that come out from your mouth while your tongue and mouth will help to form the specific words and sounds.

One of the key points for speaking in a deeper voice is learning how to use the breath. Breathe in between making sounds when you speak. It's important to balance how much air you need, which is dependent on the sounds you are trying to make.

Neck stretching exercises can be used to benefit your vocal chords. Exercises help improve the strength of the vibration when you are ready to speak. The more you can learn about controlling your vocal chords, the more your range will improve.

Over-doing certain exercises can damage you vocal chords. Some suggest a certain screaming exercise, but this can really be harmful. Humming is good. Saying sing-song syllables as long as you can hold the tones is a good exercise. Start with your natural voice and don't force your voice deeper. You should sustain the sounds as long as you can. Deepen your voice gradually with each word. You will feel the vocal cords going into overdrive. Practicing this deliberately will deepen your voice in a little time.

It 's beneficial to relax your body with simple self-massage and light stretching before doing vocal exercises. It is good to have self-confidence, because you will feel more comfortable in everything you do and say. Also, being depressed or stressed out will negatively affect your vocal cords.

There are many ways you can help make your voice better and deeper. Get a good night's sleep. When you get a good night's sleep the larynx spends hours completely relaxed and the muscles can then reverberate at the tones they were built for. Vocal chords are very good at holding tension. They need to be relaxed completely to vibrate at deep levels. Rid your life of stress, because tension in your life can cause the neck muscles to tighten. When the muscles around your vocal chords tighten, your voice ends up sounding higher pitched. Strengthen your neck muscles and you can get your voice sounding deeper. And, most important... belief and patience is the key to achieve the desired result.

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